Sea Food Distributors in Sri Lanka

TAATAS (PVT) LTD is one of the leading Sea Food distributors in Sri Lanka. Their wide-ranging reach also allows them to export various Sea Food items globally.

With years of successful operations in Sri Lanka, TAATAS has built solid relationships with associates and suppliers locally. TAATAS (PVT) LTD provides the fastest delivery at the most economical rates. They do not compromise the quality of the fresh and frozen Sea Food and Fish products.

Why TAATAS (PVT) LTD Sea Food Distribution is considered UNIQUE

TAATAS (PVT) LTD has suitable and qualified cold storage facilities. Thus they can guarantee hygiene and freshness in all their products. In addition, they are also certified and registered legally. Moreover, they provide effective shipment for their Sea Food items internationally. In conclusion, they can help you with all your distribution needs.

TAATAS’ businesses are driven by a shared desire to provide you with quality, fresh, and frozen produce. But they’re not just a wholesaler and supplier. As passionate fish experts, they share their unrivalled industry knowledge with customers. Moreover, they seek to inspire our menus.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD manufactures, distributes, and exports the finest quality and natural seafood and fishes. These include prawns, crabs, cuttlefish, sea cucumbers and many other fresh, processed and frozen seafood products.

Health Benefits of TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s prawns

Prawns have a good nutritional profile with an array of vitamins and minerals, including a lot of the B vitamins which we need for energy and to help support the nervous system. 100g cooked prawns has 70 calories and are made up of 84 per cent water, with around 15g protein and less than 1g fat, of which is pretty evenly split between saturated and unsaturated fat. They also contain some calcium and iron, which are both involved in healthy blood formation and clotting, as well as being a good source of selenium which is important to support the immune system and reproduction, as well as thyroid health.

Health Benefits of TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Crabs

Crab is a calorie counter’s dream meat. A four-ounce serving of crab meat has only 98 calories, and with less than two grams of fat per serving, it’s heart healthy. Crab meat can be a filling and satisfying main course. A serving of crab has a whopping 20 grams of protein. This makes it an excellent high protein alternative for the athlete or body builder. It’s also carb free, which makes it a good choice for diabetics.

Crab is a good source of heart healthy omega 3s, which helps lower triglycerides and blood pressure along with reducing the risk of heart disease. Omega 3s are also thought to reduce inflammation, enhance immune function, and lower the risk of certain types of cancer. Moreover, crab is considered to be one of the safest forms of seafood in terms of mercury levels. Crab meat is also rich in vitamins and minerals with particularly high levels of vitamin B-12, a vitamin that’s critical for healthy nerve function. It’s also a good source of the minerals zinc and copper.

Health Benefits of TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Cuttlefish

The Cuttlefish is a delicious fish bursting with vitamins and minerals. It provides an excellent source of Vitamin A, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, and selenium.


Health Benefits of TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Sea Cucumbers

Sea cucumbers are incredibly nutritious. Four ounces (112 grams) of the TAATAS Sea Cucumbers have 60g calories, 14g protein, 8% Vitamin A, 81% of B2, 22% of BC, 3% Calcium and 4% Magnesium.

Sea cucumbers are very low in calories and fat and high in protein, making them a weight-loss-friendly food. They also contain many powerful substances, including antioxidants, which are good for your health. Adding protein sources to meals and snacks helps keep you full by slowing the emptying of your stomach. This can help you eat less and stabilize your blood sugar levels Sea cucumbers, may be especially beneficial for people with diabetes who are looking to control their blood sugar levels. Plus, diets rich in protein may benefit heart health, help lower blood pressure, and improve bone density.

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