Our company “RIYANCY” is a brand of TAATAS Wine Exporters in Sri Lanka, doing a wine business in Sri Lanka and foreign countries. Consequently, “RIYANCY” is the sub branch of “TAATAS” (PVT) LTD. Moreover, “RIYANCY” is one of the leading companies in worldwide. We are the leading company in Sri Lanka. In addition, we always consider the customer needs and offering a good quality product for affordable price to our good customers. Granted, we are doing our services in very hygienic quality.

Furthermore, we are making 100% natural wine in our “RIYANCY” Company. Likewise, we have a motto for a wine is “Life is too short to drink bad wine better choose RIYANCY. Since this is our customers’ expectations, we are offering “BEST PREMIUM QUALITY” for our valuable customers.

TAATAS Wine Exporters in Sri Lanka has a different motto for different wine. As such, we are offering 05 types of wine for our valuable customer. That’s are,


02) Grapes Wine : “Life is too short to drink bad wine better choose RIYANCY”

03) Paddy & Plum Wine : “paddy and plum fruit a skill texture and excellent acidity”

04) King Coconut Wine : “Good wine for good moments”

05) Jamun wine : “RIYANCY a test full of secrets”

TAATAS (PVT) LTD export and import of production from and to a country at the world level are known as the global trading business. Statistical report of global products exported and imported by country known as a global trade data for that country. In our global trade data RIYANCY also leading place in global trade data. “RIYANCY” is the sub branch of “TAATAS” (PVT) LTD.