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TAATAS is the one and only worldwide banana & mango distributor in Northern Province, Sri Lanka. TAATAS bananas & mangoes are fully cultivated in Jaffna which is famous for its fruit cultivation. These fruits are high in potassium, help in weight loss and strengthen the nervous system of the body.

TAATAS provides five different types of bananas namely Aanai, Itharai, Kappal, Red and Maruthuvam. Aanai banana is green in color and helps to get rid of ulcer; Itharai banana is the most popular variety and slightly sweet banana; Red banana is a popular fruit with reddish skin and orange-coloured flesh with creamy taste; Kappal banana is stout, plump and the creamy-white flesh gives an appetizing smell; Maruthuvam banana is smaller in size and has many medical benefits. TAATAS bananas aids to get magnesium, vitamins C and vitamin B6. TAATAS mango consumption is useful to overcome night blindness and to protect skin health and also combined with cow’s milk helps to gain weight.