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The exclusive chef products of TAATAS include the sour and salty Lime Pickle and the most classic Dried Neem Flower Spice Ball.

The Lime Pickles made by TAATAS (PVT) LTD are a specialty in Sri Lankan cuisine, especially in vegetarian ones. The most sour limes are picked and pickled in a traditional Jaffna method by the exceptional team of TAATAS, in a safe, uncontaminated, and hygienic process. TAATAS’ Lime Pickles are then tested for export quality measures considering flavor, taste, and longevity. The Lime pickles are then packaged in 125g, 150g, 175g, 350g, and 1000g glass jar that are most suitable for storing the pickles for a long period of time.

TAATAS’ lime pickles are affordable, delicious, exclusive, and 100% organic. The Lime Pickles made by TAATAS contain healthy minerals like calcium, potassium, copper, and Iron; several healthy nutrients, antioxidants, and 0% cholesterol. TAATAS’ Lime Pickle boosts immunity, reduces sugar levels, dissolves kidney stones, prevents muscle cramps and ulcers, and controls blood pressure and heart rate. It also acts as a home remedy for stomach disorders.

The Dried Neem Flower Spice Balls manufactured, supplied, and exported locally and internationally by TAATAS (PVT) LTD, are fundamentally the most traditional dish used in the northern part of Sri Lanka. The Neem Flowers are collected in a hygienic manner by the team at TAATAS, which is then rinsed and dried before being used to make the “vadaham” or spice balls. TAATAS’ spice balls are also mixed with healthy ingredients such as cumin, chilli, black gram, and salt. The Dried Neem Flower Spice Balls are usually made as an accompaniment for a northern traditional lunch, but could also be eaten as a snack. The neem tree is respected by Tamils for its medicinal value, and the TAATAS’ spice balls made with neem flowers are exclusively worthy of helping cure diabetes.

TAATAS’ Dried Neem Flower Spice Balls of TAATAS are packaged in 100g packs which contain approximately 12 to 14 pieces of spice balls, which is more than enough for a single family lunch.