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TAATAS’ Curry Powder and Masala Powder


The Curry and Masala Powder of TAATAS (PVT) LTD are fundamentally blended spice mixes that can be used in several dishes while cooking. These powders enhance the flavor of the dish and take it to another level. It reduces cooking time, and enriches the dish, giving it a hot and spicy taste. TAATAS’ specially made Curry and Masala Powder category include Mutton & Meat Curry Masala, Biryani Masala, Chicken Curry Masala and Seafood Masala, which are fresh, flavorful and free from artificial colors and preservatives.

TAATAS’ Curry and Masala Powders could be added with vegetables as well as meat dishes for gravies, dry curries, rice varieties, and accompaniments. All the Curry Powders and Masala Powders of TAATAS (PVT) LTD are prepared and packaged to meet the local and international export quality standards.

TAATAS’ Mutton & Meat Curry Masala is used to enhance the flavor of traditional Sri Lankan mutton curry and brings out the juiciness of any meat used in the dish. It is perfect for a family luncheon or dinner.

TAATAS’ Biryani Masala Powder not only enriches the taste of biryani rice, but also could be used in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryani dishes.

TAATAS’ Chicken Curry Masala Powder brings out the flavor of juicy chicken and ensures your guests clean out the entire dish.

TAATAS’ Seafood Masala is a blend of Sri Lankan spices which can be used for any seafood dish. Simply add the masala to your gravy or dry curries for an enhanced dish.

Make sure to show off to your guests what Sri Lankan cuisines are all about, by using TAATAS’ Curry Powder and Masala Powder. TAATAS’ unique powders are all-natural, hygienic, and have no added preservatives or chemicals. It is the perfect blend of true Sri Lankan Spices.