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Instant Mix and Flour

The Instant Mix and Flour of TAATAS (PVT) LTD include ready-made Thosai (Sri Lankan Pancake) Mix Flour, and Idly Mix. The Thosai and Idly Mix are 100% natural, organic, hygienic, and meet all the quality standards required for local and international export. The TAATAS’ Thosai and Idly mix are made with similar ingredients to that of a traditional Jaffna Thosai and Idly, but are dry roasted and grounded to a fine powder without water, in order to retain their powdered texture.

TAATAS’ Idly Mix is extremely helpful when you have strong craving for authentic idly but do not want spend your time in the grinding process. TAATAS give you the solution where you simply have to combine the Idly Mix with water, and ferment it for five hours or overnight, and you can enjoy the authentic taste of fluffy and soft Sri Lankan idly, which you can relish with traditional saambar or chutney.

TAATAS’ Instant Thosai Mix is similarly prepared. You can enjoy making a variety of Thosai such as scrumptious Paper Thosai, Ghee Roast, Coconut Thosai, Masala Thosai, or even Vegetable Thosai.

Both the Instand Thosai Mix and Idly Mix of TAATAS (PVT) LTD are packaged in attractive 400g cartons.