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PALM WINE (Toddy) and Wine For Sale in Srilanka


TAATAS (PVT) LTD manufactures, supplies, and exports premium-quality PALM WINE (Toddy) and Wine locally and globally under brand names such as JAC MILLAR and RIYANCY respectively.

TAATAS’ Toddy, which is obtained from the sap of the Coconut or Palmyra tree, and brewed carefully by the talented team at TAATAS, is a 100% pure distilled beverage, celebrated for its uniquely rich aroma and distinctive taste that could be preserved for a long period of time.

TAATAS’ Wine is manufactured in five different types. They are: Mint wine, Grapes Wine, Paddy and Plum Wine, King Coconut Wine, and Java Plum (Jamun) Wine. All five exclusive wines give distinctive, unique and exquisite flavors, textures, and tastes. They are suitable for all types of ceremonies including fine dining, parties, formal and informal occasions, functions, dates, and friendly meetings.

TAATAS’ PALM WINE (Toddy) and Wine have several health benefits and medicinal properties. They could improve mental health, reduce stress, promote longevity, stimulate health gut bacteria, and combat inflammation.

Both PALM WINE (Toddy) and Wine selections of TAATAS (PVT) LTD are affordable, unique, exceptional, and exclusive. The production, packaging, and presentation capacity of TAATAS PALM WINE (Toddy) and Wine surpass all the other brands, and meet the national and international quality standards required for exporting PALM WINE (Toddy) and wine in Sri Lanka.

TAATAS’ specialized brew of PALM WINE (Toddy) are sold and exported in three different sizes to facilitate our customers. They are prepared in 330ml, 625ml and 1000ml bottles that are packaged and stored attractively and elegantly. The 100% natural wine collections of TAATAS are stored in wine bottles that look luxurious and dazzling; it could be directly presented to your loved ones as a special gift.