Rice bran Oil Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

TAATAS (PVT) LTD is proud of being the best Rice Bran Oil Manufacturers in Sri Lanka. Rice bran oil is best for vinaigrettes, dressings, soups, and stir-fries. As such, TAATAS is a 100% natural and high quality Rice Bran Oil Manufacturers in Sri Lanka.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Rice Bran Oil Manufacturing Process

TAATAS (PVT) LTD uses hot extraction method to get the natural Rice Bran Oil. Moreover, this would give more oil as well as purer edible oil. As such, TAATAS handles three steps to produce their Rice Bran Oil.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Rice Bran Raw Material Preparation

The team prepares the raw materials before making oil from rice husk. First, they separate TAATAS’ Rice bran. Next, they steam and heat it at temperature above 100 degrees Celsius.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Rice Bran Oil Extraction method

TAATAS uses oil presses to get the crude rice bran oil. They do not use chemical method with solvent. After proper processing, they fully even out the bran. Then, they send it to an extraction area. There, they remove the oil. Thus, they gain their high quality crude rice bran oil and defatted rice bran.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Rice Bran Oil Refining

Then, the team filters the crude rice bran oil. Next, they remove the majority of free fatty acids. Thus, natural oil is obtained. Above all, this is suitable for many applications. Edible oil bleaching leaves minor flavor and odor mixes. Therefore, these mixes must be removed by steam distillation before packaging to assure 100% natural product.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Steam distillation Process

This is the final step in the edible oil process. As such, here they remove any remaining strange flavors and free fatty acids from the oil. Lastly, once the oil has been fully processed, it is ready for being packed into retail bottles.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Rice Bran Oil Packaging Process

TAATAS (PVT) LTD offers best answer to their rice bran oil buyers. With strict quality measures, TAATAS assures to deliver the perfect rice bran. Furthermore, they use the best refinery machinery to process their oils. TAATAS’ Rice Bran Oil is strong and cost-effective. They ensure higher production output without delay. The design of oil extraction plant is simple. Then, they ensure that nearly all oil seeds and nuts are processed.

Why Choose TAATAS (PVT) LTD Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

TAATAS produces high quality Rice Bran Oil which has many benefits. It does not mold or decompose. Next, it does not change the color and flavor of food. Moreover, it improves immune response and acts as a barrier against viruses, bacteria, and other diseases. Above all, TAATAS supplies refined rice bran oil is produced under the monitoring of qualified experts. Thus, their Rice Bran Oil is odorless, natural, and ensures 15% less oil absorption on food.

In addition to its cooking uses and special flavor, research supports the health benefits of rice bran oil.


One tablespoon of rice bran oil contains 120 calories, 14 g fats, and 0 g protein, carbs, fiber, and sugar. In addition, rice bran oil is a good source of Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

Moreover, rice bran oil is also a great source of good fats. According to studies, eating these good fats improve blood cholesterol levels. As such, this can decrease risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

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Rice Bran Oil / தவிட்டு எண்ணெய் 180ml

TAATAS’ Rice Bran Oil extracted from nourishing rice bran, which is the external layer of the rice grain. The Rice Bran Oil produced by TAATAS (PVT) LTD does not mold or decompose; does not change the colour and flavour of food; improves immune response and acts as a barrier against viruses, bacteria, and other diseases.
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