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TAATAS Pvt Ltd has 10 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, distributing and exporting extra virgin coconut oil throughout the world. Within a short span of time, we marked a distinct place in the industry by enhancing the quality of hygienically processed extra virgin coconut oil. We are happy to announce the upgraded system of packing system to an International standard. We attempt towards satisfying the needs of our customers by means of multidisciplinary expertise, professional service provision and the application of best practices. Our product is fully inspected and the best service is guaranteed.

Coconut is one of world’s most nutritious superfoods. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a premium quality product which is processed with the least amount of processing steps, so that the natural vitamin E, antioxidants and fresh natural coconut taste and the flavor are retained. Fresh coconut meat is grated and cold pressed to provide coconut milk. The milk centrifuged is labeled as decanting centrifuge process to separate the oil, which has a very light texture and pleasant coconut aroma, as no heat at all is throughout the process. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has a creamy taste of the tropics and is good for baking, enhancing your beloved recipes and body care. Research conducted by experts have discovered that extra virgin coconut oil has enormous benefits for human health.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 750 ml

TAATAS extra virgin coconut oil can be considered as one of the healthiest oils in the world. It has a high content of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It is fit for consuming without the need for further processing. It also aids to promote heart health, by maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Virgin coconut oil is generally used in cooking, especially when frying. It may also be used as a spread, in dressings, in smoothies, for making margarine, cosmetics and even applied topically as a nourishing skin treatment. Coconut oil has a long shelf-life, permitting transportation and storage for long distances, and is also resistant to oxidation, so it doesn’t go rancid quickly. Rancidity is dangerous because it can create free radicals, which have been proven to cause cancerous cells. 

Health promoting characteristics includes anti-microbial properties, increases level of energy, promotes loss in weight, reduces fat deposition in the body, normalizes body liquid, improves anti-inflammation responses of the immune system, anti-bacterial effect, as a hair conditioner, as a body oil or substitute for moisturizing lotion. You can transform your cooking with a simple touch of Extra virgin coconut oil and bring your recipes to life. If you have any queries about our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, please do not hesitate to contact us today, or head on over to our Facebook page where you’ll find our latest news and products!

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