PALM WINE / TODDY Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

PALM WINE / TODDY is one of the topmost stimulant alcoholic beverages from Jaffna. We, at TAATAS (PVT) LTD, brew our own high-quality and premium PALM WINE / TODDY in a distinctive manner so that our customers can relish the natural taste of PALM WINE / TODDY.


The PALM WINE / TODDY Tapping Process of TAATAS (PVT) LTD

At TAATAS (PVT) LTD, we use the PALM WINE / TODDY tapped by local PALM WINE / TODDY tappers from Jaffna. The process of making TAATAS’ PALM WINE / TODDY begins at the top of a coconut tree, where a skilled and licenced PALM WINE / TODDY tapper climbs to gather the sap. When he finds coconut flower stalks, he steadies himself between the tree’s fronds and slices the stalks open. Sap, known as PALM WINE / TODDY, oozes from the incisions and drips into clay pots.

The collected PALM WINE / TODDY is stored and then transported to the TAATAS (PVT) LTD distillery manufacturer.


The PALM WINE / TODDY Manufacturing Process at TAATAS (PVT) LTD

Fresh PALM WINE / TODDY ferments quickly. Within just a few hours, it becomes an alcoholic drink. TAATAS (PVT) LTD enables the shelf life of the PALM WINE / TODDY drink to be extended for several months and possibly years without change in the nature and taste of the PALM WINE / TODDY drink. We at TAATAS (PVT) LTD control fermentation of the PALM WINE / TODDY drink to produce a sweet organic alcoholic drink. Filtration keeps the material almost intact and at the same time destroys the microbes and parasites. TAATAS (PVT) LTD performs filtration in bulk quantities.


The PALM WINE / TODDY packaging process of TAATAS (PVT) LTD

The team at TAATAS inspect each and every PALM WINE / TODDY bottle meticulously, to assure that they meet the hygiene standards and other principles required for exporting. TAATAS’ 100% natural PALM WINE / TODDY is manufactured and sold in three different sizes to facilitate our customers. They are prepared in 330ml, 625ml and 1000ml bottles that are packaged and stored attractively and elegantly.


Why TAATAS (PVT) LTD is considered the best PALM WINE / TODDY Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

TAATAS (PVT) LTD creates the highest-quality PALM WINE / TODDY that is 100% natural, affordable, hygienic, unique as well as elegant. TAATAS’ PALM WINE / TODDY, belonging to the brand – JAC MILLER, is a 100% pure distilled beverage, celebrated for its high-quality, rich aroma and distinctive taste. The production, packaging, and presentation capacity of JAC MILLER PALM WINE / TODDY surpasses all the other local brands, and follows the national and international quality standards required for manufacturing PALM WINE / TODDY in Sri Lanka.

The PALM WINE / TODDY at TAATAS (PVT) LTD is consumed not only for its cultural background and flavorful palate, but also as a high-quality beverage with multiple medicinal properties.


Why TAATAS (PVT) LTD is the safest PALM WINE / TODDY Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

PALM WINE / TODDY tapping and sale of fermented PALM WINE / TODDY requires a compulsory government license. More and more artificial PALM WINE / TODDY manufacturers are getting government licenses; not only is this harmful for public health, but also a threat to these people’s livelihoods.

We at TAATAS have the license required to manufacture, produce, sell, and export 100% natural PALM WINE / TODDY locally as well as internationally.


Enjoy the cold brew PALM WINE / TODDY of TAATAS (PVT) LTD

The fastest route to the premium cold brew starts with TAATAS’ PALM WINE / TODDY. We offer a number of signature bottles – because at TAATAS (PVT) LTD we believe exceptional beverages are an art form as well as a cultural comportment. We even carry rich, decadent and high-quality PALM WINE / TODDY mixes so you can indulge in 100% natural and delicious beverages.

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