Our company “Riyancy” is doing a wine business in sri Lanka and foreign countries. “Riyancy” is the sub branch of “TAATAS” (PVT) LTD. “Riyancy” is one of the leading companies in worldwide. We are the leading company in sri Lanka. We always consider the customer needs and offering a good quality product for affordable price to our good customers. we are doing our services very hygienic quality.

In manufacturers wine Most fruits and vegetables are suitable for wine making. Choose fruit when it is just ripe, wash and rinse it thoroughly, then peel and chop or blend finely. Surprisingly, Suzanne includes the entire pineapple – thick skin and all – chopped finely by hand.

Our company “Riyancy” method of preparing wine is Lightly pound the spices. Fill a glass bottle with arrack add the spices, lime and lemon rinds. Secure the stopper or cork tightly and store for five days in a warm dry place, giving it a good shake twice a day. Add the milk to a pan, place it on the fire and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, take it off the heat and leave to cool. When it is warm, add the lime juice. Stir well. Put the rest of the arrack into a bucket, and add the sugar. Stir well.

Strain out the spices from the mix prepared earlier and add the liquid to the arrack and sugar. Add the milk mixture and the caramelized sugar. Mix well. Take an empty glass bottle, fit the funnel onto it, make a cone with the filter paper and place it in the funnel. Start filtering the liquid, a little at a time. Repeat the process at least twice. Seal the bottles with a cork or lid and store for at least three months before drinking.

We have all good quality of Equpment to making wine. TAATAS (PVT) LTD doing huge business all over the world. We have demand from our customer world wild.